Software Development

We design and build software from scratch. Software bought off- the- shelf is often designed to be generic and for this very reason it comes bundled with unnecessary functionality that negatively affects performance and confuses users.
Our systems are custom designed packages that address your business needs.

Out Sourcing

If you are struggling with a certain project, we may be able to help.
Our developers are skilled in the following areas:

  • ActionScript, C, C++, Objective-C
  • Java, Ruby, ColdFusion, JServlets, Javascript, SSL
  • IIS, Apache, Tomcat
  • MS SQL, MySQL, PosgreSQL, MS Access, Oracle
  • Windows / UNIX / Linux / Macintosh
  • Flash / FLEX / AIR, CUDA, GPGPU, .NET ColdFusion
  • FlashLite, Brew, Doja


Research on next generation technology
We also out source research on next generation mobile technology.
I'm sorry but we cannot provide you with further information due to confidential purposes.

Webpage Design

Sit back and let us arrange everything from the registration to the upload and maintenance and promoting your new site.

With the right keywords you can start off at the very first page on the Google search!

  • Do you have a webpage that hasn't been updated for a long time?

The more updates will mean its fresh information and will be more noticeable to the search engines. This indirectly is promoting your own web site.

  • Does the company that maintains your web site for you give you a
    hard time every time you want a simple change in your webpage?
  • And it costs a fortune and takes forever?

We charge a monthly maintenance fee.
Which we use partial to maintain the server and the other partial we use to update your webpage.
Just with this monthly fee, every month you will be provided with points which you can purchase man hours with a simple phone call. (The points can be carried over for a year.)

  • Are you wondering why your webpage doesn't appear on the Google search pages?

Every webpage we make, we make a point in indexing the web site, making proper keyword selections and promoting your web site to search engines. So you can start at a decent page on the search page.

If you already have an existing website that you want maintained or slightly redesigned, contact us.