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Petit Game


Concept:100% free games all made originally by us
We started off building this site for experimental use of how to compete with thousands of game sites. After we got the idea then this site has switched from that purpose to being an exhibit page of our current staff and their techniques. And making a game for this site has become one of our traditional training processes of Flash and HTML.
Every person who joins us are given an assignment of coming up with a game concept and conducting it by themselves. Yes, from the very beginning, we train our staff to become future managers.

What we learned from this site is promoting your site and having qualities that attract people to come back makes your site popular, meaning more business opportunities. Just by running this site we have achieved more than 10 clients over the past 2 years. Even clients with famous Japanese cartoon characters that we never would have dreamed of using in our games. This site has connected us to major publishers, internet provider companies such as Nifty. Without have sales men going out and selling for us.




Concept: Housing design software built on Flash
We started building this software over a decade ago and still updating it almost every year. Our goal in this system is to see the lettering "import WebCAD data" in CAD software out through the world. We are planning to introduce our new WebCAD June 2009.

If you would like a mail to remind you on this very special day, please contact us.




Concept: Homepage system that enables the clients to update their webpage without HTML knowledge and skills.
We originally made this system for housing companies as they require daily update of their work and the construction process. Over a couple of years we have come across many clients that wanted to update their webpage as frequently as housing companies did.

We have made amendments over the years. We are planning to release the new Mible with added features June 2009.

If you would like a mail to remind you on this very special day, please contact us.




Concept: Bug Tracking System running on the internet Over the years of developing software, we became there is a similar pattern to each project. At the end of every project requires fixes and hectic exchanges with coworkers and clients on adjustments and bug fixes.
To keep up with that the traditional way was to make a excel document and exchange that over the term which overtime was accidentally replaced with old files and occasionally made more work on keeping this file updated. Or, using systems that had required both parties to install the system.

With the FlexBTS which you simply have to do is send out the URL of the site and invite your clients to this site by providing them with ids and passwords.

What makes these systems unique is that it is build using Flex which means you only need a Flash player on your browser. And as Adobe researchers have announced, 98% of internet user population already have Flash Players on their browser.

Even if you own a Macintosh or use a Linux or an old version of Windows it doesn't matter, as long as you have internet and a browser installed anyone is able to use this system. Which means, reporting the bug to the system 24 / 7, giving out status reports, giving out schedule in when it is going to be done will not only give your client satisfaction and relief but will make your day easier too.

We are currently planning to release our new version with new features as

  • CSV output
  • Uploading reference files
  • More sophisticated sorting
  • Print Out

If you would like a mail to remind you on this very special day, please contact us.